Can You Handle Working at Weddings?

A wedding is one of the most amazing and meaningful events in which a person can partake. Many people enjoy weddings because they are special occasions that make everyone’s face light up with joy and happiness. Many jobs are available during weddings. A person can pick up one of these jobs as a second job. The following are seven jobs in a wedding that a person can work:

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner has a huge role in a wedding. This person is responsible for getting close to the bride and groom and putting everything together. The wedding planner helps the bride and groom pick the venue, catering menu, music type, guest invitation style and the like. The wedding planner can make an average of $17 an hour. The skill that the person must have are organisational skills, patience and creativity. The wedding planner must also have excellent communication skills because that person will have to keep in touch with the bride, groom and all the participating organisations. The ability to multitask is something else that such a person should have under his or her belt.


Another amazing job that one can pick up at a wedding is a waiter. A waiter is a person who delivers food and drinks. Many people ask, “Can you make a career as a waiter?” Yes, a person can make a career as a waiter. The person could decide to only work weddings, or the person can work as a waiter at banquets and restaurants. A waiter can make an average of $22,000 a year. Waiters usually get tips from the customers. A wedding is likely to produce much more financial fruit than someone may produce at a restaurant job. A waiter has to have an excellent sense of hand-eye coordination, friendliness, humility and the like.

Bus Person

A bus person can have an amazing time working a wedding. The bus person is responsible for removing dishes like plates and cups. The bus person also  cleans the tables and the eating areas. Generally, bus persons work short shifts and they earn above-average pay because of the tips. Such persons may  receive separate tips than the tips the waiters get, or they may have to split the tips with the servers or waiters. Either way, the bussing job has some  amazing perks. The bus person has to be fast and neat, but the bus person does not have to be social. A quiet person may appreciate bussing tables and giving the customers a smile every now and again.


A photographer has an exciting job in that he or she gets to capture moments that the parties in the wedding will remember forever. The photographer has the exciting job of helping people get ready for their picture-taking session and taking all the snapshots that make up the portfolio. A wedding photographer usually makes up his or her salary, so it varies. The person may charge by the hour, or the person may have a flat rate.


A cleaner is someone who cleans the trash after the big event is done. The cleaner mops and sweeps floors, picks up the trash and performs similar tasks. The benefit of being a wedding cleaner is that the cleaner gets to meet all the people who are involved in the event. It can be an exciting opportunity for a sociable person.

Catering Specialist

A catering specialist has a number of tasks at a wedding. First, this person prepares food. Secondly, this person sets up  the food. A catering specialist may prepare and serve the cake, appetizers or main courses. Catering specialists can work  other events as well. The average income for a catering specialist is about $39,000 per year, which is a healthy salary.

Phone Booth Helper

A photo booth helper is another interesting position for a person that one could take up in weddings. This person is responsible for helping people to prepare for photo booth pictures by setting them up with props and such. The photo booth helper can earn up to $15 an hour for having fun and meeting new people. The person only needs to have a friend personality and a willingness to help people find the right props for their idea.

An individual can try any of the following ideas for an extra income at a wedding. All opportunities are positive, fruitful and will give the person an opportunity for growth.

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