Creating A Musical Personality For Your Wedding

From the perfect flowers to the ideal location, every aspect of your wedding tells a story about your love and commitment as a couple. When it comes to selecting yourmusic, there are literally thousands of songs to consider. Don’t become overwhelmed by all the musical selections, but actually allow your personalities to guide yourdecisions. Whether you’re holding a casual or classic wedding style, all music choices should come from the heart to feel genuine and poignant to every visitor.
Setting The Scene 
Don’t just concentrate on the main dance music for your wedding, but consider the feeling you want to impart as they enter the reception. A wedding band playing upbeat tunes as guests walk in, for example, creates a happy feeling and may encourage them to hit the dance floor. Soft, romantic wedding music combined with low lighting provides an intimate feeling for guests, inviting them to talk about their marriage and love experiences. Even create a fun atmosphere with rock tunes to get everyone excited about the couple’s new life ahead.
Newlywed’s First Dance
The song that remains in your mind and heart for years after the ceremony is the newlywed’s first dance. Discuss the song with your fiance long before the big day. In the past, songs were relatively cliche, choosing among basic slow selections that didn’t necessarily reflect the couple’s personality. Try a song that reminds you of a first date or silly night together. The wedding band could give a slow song an upbeat twist, for instance, to really make the night a memorable one.
Father And Bride Bonding 
Your father is giving his daughter to her new husband, which is a poignant and bittersweet moment for any family. Talk to your father about his thoughts on the father/bride song. If he wants a traditional, slow song, try to find one that reminds you of a specific bonding time with your dad. When dads aren’t comfortable with such heartfelt songs, compromise with an upbeat tune that brings a smile to both you and dad.
Groom And Mother Selection 
The groom/mother dance is another song selection that needs to be discussed well before the wedding. Some grooms are too emotional to select a slow song, but prefer a fun dance to break the tension. Allow these two to have their private moment in a slow song that isn’t spotlighted. The bond between a man and his mother is often a strong and emotional one, giving them a chance to cherish the past in a private side dance.
Get Them On The Dance Floor 
You don’t want everyone remaining as wallflowers on your wedding night. For all the other music selections, choose well-known songs that encourage participation. Consider songs with easy dance moves to bring even the shyest guests out of their shell. Upbeat songs with a quality band are bound to get everyone moving and having fun.
Create unforgettable moments with personally chosen wedding music. It needs to reflect the wedding’s style, along with personalizing the day with memories for all guests. When anyone hears these songs on the radio, they instantly think of your wedding and the love shared between you and your new spouse.

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