5 Activities To Enjoy At A Bucks Party In Melbourne

Melbourne is a great city to have a stag party. It is a party town that really comes alive when the sun goes down. There are so many fun things to do in Melbourne at night. If you want to have the ultimate stag do weekends, you will do well to head to Melbourne. Here is a look at five activities that you can enjoy at a bucks party Melbourne.



Cruise the Yarra River
One of the best ways to enjoy a bucks party Melbourne is to go for a booze cruise on the Yarra River. The best way to do this is to plan to leave at sunset. You can enjoy the sunset and then party like rock stars on the boat into the wee hours of the morning. You can bring your own booze, but many cruises will take care of that for you.

You will want to be sure to bring plenty of entertainment aboard. Of course, no stag do weekend is complete without some strippers dancing. Make sure to get a few girls to keep the groom and all of his mates well entertained while you are enjoying the fun of cruising the Yarra River.



Hit Up a Cigar Bar
Nothing says a stag do weekend like a bunch of fellows enjoying fine cigars and sipping 18-year-old whiskies. One of the best things to do in Melbourne at night is to enjoy a cigar bar. There are lots of great cigar bars that you can head to for a bucks party Melbourne.



Splatter Some Paintballs
When you want to get the adrenaline and testosterone flowing to start your stag party right, there is nothing better than playing some paintball. Playing paintball is a great way to work up an appetite, and you can head out for a nice dinner and some cocktails after you finish playing.

hit the club

Hit the Club
One of the most enjoyable ways to send the groom of to his doom is to hit the club. Dancing the night away is a lot of fun, and your friend will get to relish his last night of freedom. He’ll have the chance to dance with some random girls in the club before he ties the knot and every female but his wife becomes off-limits. If you want to go this route, make sure you pony up for the VIP section of the club.



Dancing with Strippers
Of all the fun things to do in Melbourne at night, one of the best for a stag night is heading to a strip club. There are some incredible strip clubs in Melbourne that feature the hottest bucks party strippers you can possible imagine. Your mates and the groom will enjoy having some lovely curves shaking in their faces all night.

While you are enjoying the strippers dancing at the club, you want to be sure to play some games. Fuel the fun with plenty of alcohol to make the games for bucks party as wild as possible. One fun game you can play at the strip club is called Shark Attack. To play the game, someone randomly yells out, “Sharks!” When this happens, the last person to get up on their feet either has to down a shot or buy the groom a lap dance.

“You will never find a better city for stag do weekends than Melbourne. With all the fun things to do here, you will never struggle to plan the perfect evening of entertainment. Let your imagination run wild, and you will create an epic night that no one who attends will ever forget.”

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