How To Plan Your Wedding Music

You’ve been working on a wedding dress, the flowers and location for some time, but your wedding music plays a huge part during the day and evening. Music has been used in weddings and receptions for hundreds of years, heralding in a new life together with family and friends. With today’s eclectic mix of people and cultures, there are more music choices than ever. Plan your wedding music well before the big day to secure talented musicians or DJs.

Music And Theme

Each wedding has a specific theme. A simple beach wedding is much more casual than a church ceremony. Although you’ll typically play the traditional wedding procession at the marriage ceremony itself, your chosen music at the reception still needs to follow the same theme style. If you have a princess style wedding, for example, try hiring minstrels to add a touch of authenticity. Throwing a princess wedding and hiring a modern DJ just doesn’t match and interrupts the day’s flow for everyone involved. Discuss the theme before any arrangements are made to keep all preparations on-track. You don’t want to scramble at the last minute for music selections.

Live Music

A wedding band is a traditional selection for couples, but don’t just hire a basic four- or five-piece band. Spruce up the ceremony and reception with a mariachi group, for example. If you had a Hispanic-inspired ceremony, give guests a chance to feel immersed in the culture. This band is versatile because they can simply play on a stage or walk amongst the guests for instant requests. Consider steel drum bands for tropical weddings or even a choir for a more formal event. Although a live band is often expensive, it gives your day more versatility when it comes to songs and ambiance.

DJ World

Instead of a wedding band, consider your local DJs, or disc jockeys. This music selection is perfect for more modern or casual weddings. Depending on the DJ, they can bring all the favorite wedding dance songs to spin back to back. If you want more of a club feeling to the reception, audition DJs that have mixing talents. They can mix favorite songs together to keep guests dancing all night long. A basic DJ is relatively inexpensive, but a more talented, mixing DJ can cost you more. It’s best to audition these performers to see if you’re getting what you want. 

Plan Songs Together

Don’t allow a DJ or band to dictate your song choices. Sit down as a couple to discuss favorite songs and genres. If you have particularly unique song interests, consider some alternatives to keep yourselves and guests feeling comfortable. Try to mix your favorite songs and traditional wedding music together to make the day special and poignant. Certain songs will dance in your mind for years to come with happy memories. Once you decide on songs, verify that the band or DJ can play them. Nothing is worse than arriving at the reception with music the performer is not comfortable with, causing friction on your perfect day.

Keep The Party Going

You don’t want to see your guests bored during the reception. Talk with the band or DJ about song organization. Mix up the fast and slow songs to keep the party jumping. Definitely add in those group songs that get everyone on the dance floor with simple moves. You want both young and old to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Even offer a dance-off for the most talented or funniest dancer. The idea is to engage people in a group atmosphere where they interact with other guests. Both your families need to feel comfortable with each other as the years pass during marriage.
Music is an integral part of the wedding ceremony and reception. Keep your song selections fun and not offensive. You’ll see everyone enjoying themselves into the night.

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