How to Throw a Traditional Indian Wedding in Melbourne

For an Indian couple living abroad, holding a wedding away from home may feel so wrong. This is because the people around them will not know what to do for them and how to go about the traditional ceremony. This should not discourage you because the following guide will help you in the process of throwing a traditional Indian wedding in Melbourne.
First of all, like in all types of marriage celebrations, you will need a good wedding planner who can go with your ideas and add some of their own. If you are keen on keeping it strictly traditional then you will have to find someone who knows all about Indian wedding ceremonies. You may also ask the help of relatives back at home who will tell you all the things you need to consider making the wedding a success.
Of course the wedding music will have to be Indian, and you should already have collections of these. If you happen not to have any, you will have to ask the organizer to have an Indian DJ or hire the services of a wedding band to sing at your wedding. Remember the music is the essential part of the Indian theme wedding, and it will give life to the atmosphere. There are plenty of love songs in Indian music and you can take advantage of this by compiling the list of your most favorite ones.
Mostly the wedding involves week-long celebrations and in some cases it may be even be more than that. The first day is the Henna night when the bride is decorated on her hands and feet with henna. This is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Indian wedding because it is unique and beautiful. An older woman who knows the Indian tradition will help to apply the henna on the hands and feet.
The next night is the turmeric night where the bride will have her face and neck painted in yellow turmeric paste. This comes right before the wedding, so turmeric is applied in the eve of the ceremony. It helps to keep the bride radiant and helps in holding the makeup on the face.
The traditional Indian bridal wear is usually red. However, if you are having the marriage ceremony abroad, you may decide to break from tradition and use other colors. Orange, pink, purple and silver all make up for great saris. You will also have to get your bridesmaids saris to wear for the wedding. They should be preferably of different colors.
For the decorations, you need not worry since there are tons of people offering Bollywood Mandaps in Melbourne. All you have to do is pick a directory and call them to discuss their services. You will need to have the best atmosphere at your wedding, and so you should look at each of their work and choose the best. They should really be knowledgeable in decorating and other aspects of Indian art. You need not worry about the food since Indian cuisine is popular all over the world, and a good chef will be able to handle it with panache.
Wedding music is in plenty as you will have all your Bollywood records at the wedding. Of course, you should choose the wedding band carefully and ensure they are conforming to the traditional theme. Remember that the Indian tradition is all about family, and this is a very wide translation. Invite as many people as possible for it to look truly Indian and then arrange for Indian dinnerware and set the tables just like home. This will make your celebration exceptional, and everyone will be talking about it for days to come.

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